Numerical investigation of inertial sphere impaction on a cylinder in subcritical flow

This study examined the accuracy of a Lagrangian scheme for simulating both the motion and wall impaction of neutrally buoyant inertial spheres (8.85 St 18.04) moving in the subcritical regime (Re ¼ 10,972 and 22,366) of flows past a circular cylinder. The accuracy of the eddyresolving simulations of the flow field was verified based on available data at nearly comparable flow conditions. The accuracy of the particle tracking scheme was verified with respect to corresponding experimental data in a laboratory flume. Particle dispersion en route to the circular cylinder is mostly driven by the flow disturbance from the particle injector tube. The trends in collision rates are largely explained by the rate of particle entertainment into the boundary layer around the cylinder and the inertial condition of the spheres in this proximity region—both of which can be better assessed by post-processing of the numerical outcomes. The primary incentive to undertake this work was the need for validating a particle-based method for quantifying the hydraulic stressors leading to bodily damage of fish passing flows influenced by hydraulic infrastructure.



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Particulate Science and Technology