Working With Us

HydroPASSAGE aims to move the tools and technologies developed by our researchers into the hydropower industry where they can be applied to hydropower turbine design and evaluation.


We need your help to apply our tools and technologies and are constantly seeking opportunities to collaborate.


 Ways to contribute to HydroPASSAGE:

  1. Apply our tools and technologies through collaboration with our technical team
    • Please use the contact form to email us.
      • Describe your hydropower facility (turbine type, size), fish species of interest, and need for the tools.
  2. Add fish response relationships to HydroPASSAGE tools
    • Please use the contact form to email us.
      • Describe the species and experimentation methodology, including publication(s).
  3. License our Tools and Technologies
    • The Biological Performance Assessment (BioPA) tool, Sensor Fish, and Hydropower Biological Evaluation Tool (HBET) are available to existing and startup companies through nonexclusive licensing agreements. More information on licensing these technologies can be found here or by contacting our Commercialization Manager Sara Hunt (; 509-375-6555).

Free 30-Day Trial Licenses and Customized Workshops

Free 30-day trial licenses for the HydroPASSAGE toolsets are now available to potential users who participate in a customized workshop led by the project technical team. The virtual workshops will provide both current and potential users with hands-on experience with the toolset(s) they are interested in and will be customized to fit the needs of the user. Workshops will be designed in a modular form, starting with how to use the toolsets and moving to more complex instructions for specific aspects of the application where the user would like more training. Use the contact form to email us.