Marshall Richmond

BioPA Technical Lead
HydroPASSAGE role:
• Developed the Biological Performance Assessment (BioPA) toolset

Dr. Richmond is a Chief Engineer in the Hydrology Group at PNNL. He has more than 35 years of professional experience that includes basic and applied research, university teaching, and project management. His principal areas of expertise are in the development and application of computational models of hydrodynamics, sediment transport, and radionuclide/chemical transport in environmental systems, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), experimental fluid dynamics, physical modeling of hydraulic structures, fisheries engineering, and turbulence modeling in CFD. Richmond is the co-developer of several PNNL CFD codes to simulate hydrodynamics and mass transport in engineered and environmental systems: the MASS1 (Modular Aquatic Simulation System) one-dimensional; MASS2 two-dimensional; 3D TETHYS parallel CFD code; Lagrangian particle tracking codes.

Education: Ph.D. Civil and Environmental Engineering - University of Iowa
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