Alison Colotelo

Principal Investigator
HydroPASSAGE project roles:
• Serves as the principal investigator coordinating research activities and reporting for the HydroPASSAGE team
• Assesses of fish responses to rapid decompression and shear forces
• Engages with hydropower industry

Alison Colotelo is a Senior Research Scientist and Project Manager at PNNL and has more than 10 years of professional experience that includes basic and applied research and project management. Colotelo's research focuses on examining the interaction between fish and hydropower facilities in both laboratory and field settings. She leads laboratory-based studies that examine the relationships between the physical forces that fish may experience during passage through hydropower projects (i.e., rapid decompression, shear forces, turbulence) and the biological responses. Alison is also involved in research around the integration and value of hydropower to the electric grid.

Education: M.Sc. Biology - Carleton University
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